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I Asked God for a Best Friend... So He Sent Me My Dog!

Something inside my head keep telling me to scan Craigslist to look for a dog. Sure enough, I found a posting for a beautiful female 1 year old mini-schnauzer that someone was giving up because his wife didn't like his dog (she wanted a purebred who had papers....this dog didn't). He didn't want any money for the dog but he wanted to know that she would be going to a good home. Her picture was beautiful. She looked scared but at the same time, adorable. We met at a designated place and he handed me her lease. I could tell it broke his heart to give her away. As we drove home, I fell in love with her. We called her Bailey. She was super quiet on the car ride home and tentative going into our house. When she slept on the bed that evening, she put her head on the pillow beside me and keep waking up to look at me to make sure I was still there. I kept thinking, 'how could anyone give away such a sweet, sweet dog?'

Bailey has turned out to be the most loving, loyal and smart dog I've ever owned. I gave her old owner updates for the first year, but then we lost touch. If he ever sees this blog, I want him to know that she is much loved and will be forever, with me. She is an amazing dog and I'm sorry that your wife couldn't see that.