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Be careful of Facebook sites that promote Free Dogs for Sale

I have to sometimes wonder about Facebook sites that spring up promoting Free Pets or Pets for Sale, whether they are legit or just a front for people who have bad intentions? As a dog rescue volunteer, I've joined a couple of these groups and every time I put up a post about the Dangers of Free Animals and Dogfighters who look for these to use as bait, my posts are deleted and I get blocked on their Facebook site.

It recently happened with a Facebook site called Pets for Free/Sale in Florida. I posted on their site a picture and information about what can happen to free animals. It was deleted after a few hours. When I reached out to the admin person (it's run by two young kids in their 20's), to ask why she was supressing the posts, she gave me some bullcrap answer that Facebook deleted it. (Not true, as that same warning is out on multiple Facebook posts). The administrator told me to take 'my drama elsewhere.' Danielle Golden, why don't you want people on your Facebook group to know about the dangers of free animals and what can happen?